Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Character Bios


The foul-mouthed, arrogant hero of this strip. He thinks he's even cleverer than he is. The name hasn't gone to his head - the universe really does revolve around him.

Bobette, aka "Anastasia"
She's precious. Read that how you will. Bobette is her name, and it's what nearly everyone calls her. She calls herself Anastasia whenever she forgets the cruel mockery this invites.

An IT-literate smartass. Unlike all the other smartasses in this strip. The only thing he likes more than dodging work is to enjoy cruel jokes at the expense of others. He denies that he is a disciple of Hero's.

"Racist" Ronny
A huge racist. It's pretty much his only personality trait, except for the anger and inadequacy that are part and parcel. Why he's friends with Hero is a mystery. But not as much of a mystery as why Hero is friends with him. Known as "Angel" to some of his friends, whom he denies knowing.

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